Helping the community and delivering personalized service is the foundation of every community bank—it is what sets you apart. Regardless of whether you are navigating through today’s COVID-19 crisis or you are enjoying the best of times, the key to success now and in the future is data. As veteran community bankers, we understand that your challenge is not a lack of data—you have a treasure trove of data about your customers. Your challenge is being able to easily turn that data into actionable insights that drive your ability to serve your community, manage risks, streamline operations, grow revenue, and ultimately compete with the megabanks.

Your customers are communicating with you every day through their transactions, whether they are done on their phones, in person, or online, and each interaction is telling a story. But are you listening to your customers’ stories? Are you able to act if needed? Are you able to easily monitor specific early warning indicators that allow you to act proactively based upon a customer’s behavior, such as a missed direct payroll deposit?

Created by bankers, for bankers, KlariVis enables employees at all levels of your bank to efficiently access the massive amounts of customer, market, product, and service data that resides in your core and ancillary siloed systems. This data empowers your frontline bankers to make data-driven decisions by improving insight into the components that affect loan, deposit, and revenue growth. Additionally, KlariVis creates organizational efficiencies that allow you to focus on strategic decision-making, not managing cumbersome data and reporting processes.

The problem:

  • Disparate core and ancillary systems
  • Fragmented financial and customer information
  • Labor-intensive report writing
  • Lead generation for cross-sell opportunities is virtually non-existent
  • Timeliness of actionable information is limited to the internal capacity of report writer(s)
  • Data inconsistency and lack of integrity

The solution (KlariVis):

  • Compiles and aggregates previously disparate data points from siloed applications
  • Has an attractive interface that transforms cumbersome traditional reports into an interactive visual experience
  • Provides critical actionable insights to increase revenue, streamline operations and manage risk
  • Are core and system agnostic
  • Is easy to deploy
  • Requires limited internal client resources

A defining differentiator, KlariVis provides a line-of-sight view into key data elements on visualizations that are easy to navigate and interpret to provide users with immediate, actionable insights. “The ability to see multidimensional reports on one page in KlariVis is so hard to fathom, you have to see it to really understand the impact a tool like this will have on your bank,” says Lynn Johnson, EVP, and COO of Select Bank & Trust. With KlariVis, you now have the capability to get the right data in the right hands at the right time to make the right decisions for your bank.